The Lover Band

What is The Loverband® device?

The Loverband® device is a therapeutic elastic band effective for enhancing and maintaining an erection of the penis by preventing intracorporeal pressure loss (Venous Leak) during erection.

Who can use The Loverband® device?

Any adult male who is able to obtain an erection without difficulty but whose erection is not firm, decreases rapidly or with Primary Premature Ejaculation. The band compensates for up to 60 percent of pressure build-up deficiencies and retains the pressure within the penis promoting fuller, harder and longer sustained erections.

Is The Loverband® device safe?

The Loverband® device is safe if the applied pressure and penile rigidity are not excessive. It does not press against the urethra and does not constrict the penile arteries and genitalia. Improves intracorporeal pressures, volume, blood flow and oxygenation necessary for penis tissue health and function.

Is it safe to ejaculate with The Loverband® device?

Ejaculation is safe if the applied pressure and penile rigidity are not excessive. The band does not constrict the urethra and allows for unobstructed ejaculation.

How does it improve erection size over time?

The basic function of The Loverband® device is to provide a moderate pressure at the penis upper base in order to enhance closure of the dorsal veins during erection. When this happens, the pressure inside the penis can reach and hold an ideal maximum. At this ideal maximum, penile rigidity and penis volume / fullness increase.

Do I have to keep using it to maintain the benefit?

The benefit is independent of weather the band is continued to be used or not, however, it may still be used for holding fullness and rigidity longer.

What kind of improvement is possible?

The Loverband® device increases and sustains penile rigidity and volume up to the penis glans (penis head) and improves premature ejaculation.

Do I need to have an erection to use The Loverband® device?

Yes. The Loverband® device is effective once an erection is reached. It helps develop and hold additional penile pressure from a weak erect state. The erection can be obtained naturally or induced. It is effective to use with Vacuum Erectile Therapy devices.

When is it most effective?

The Loverband® device is most effective after an erection has been reached. It is at this point that the additional pressure from the band allows the penis to become fuller and more rigid holding an ideal maximum erection longer.

Does it pull on pubic hair?

It may happen and depends on the individual person. Moisten the band with personal lube as needed to avoid discomfort with pubic hair.

Does everyone get the improvement?

Results may vary among users and are generally beyond expectations. It is mostly effective on males who are able to obtain an erection without difficulty but whose erection is not firm or decreases rapidly (Venous Leak), with penis glans isufficiency (penis head is not completely full when erect) or with Primary Premature Ejaculation.

How does The Loverband® device compare to penis rings?

There are many variations of penis rings and many inadequacies that come with them. For example, the ones used over the penis shaft are difficult to choose for size and pressure, slide out of place during use, constrict the urethra, penile arteries and must be removed before climax for safety.

Ring constriction adversely affects blood circulation with limited applied pressure and deprive oxygenation to the penis.
The rings that are fitted around the testicles are uncomfortable and inconvenient. Adjustability is not handy and many interfere with penetration during intercourse.

The Loverband® device is made in one size to fit all males, can be easily adjusted to an individual need by safely applying sufficient pressure without adversely affecting blood circulation and improves blood oxygenation to the penis. The Loverband® device does not constrict the urethra and penile arteries, does not constrict the genitalia, does not slide during use, does not interfere with penetration during intercourse and can be used at climax. The band is therapeutic and improves erection size and quality.

Name on return address of the mail package?

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