The Lover Band

I recently ordered the loverband its amazing. Its cured my venous leak.


I have always been able to get an erection with hand stimulation, but quickly loose it, and have been using “ED prescription drugs” until I learned that I have a venous leak condition and decided to try the loverband with much success. I am now out of “ED prescription drugs”.

Dwayne – AK

Thank you. Very effective for ejaculation control.

Matthew – OR

This band puts good pressure on and goes a long way.

Ken – TX

I would recommend it. Nothing compares to such good results.

Joe – CHGO

Great complement to my erection pill.

Arthur – FL

I Love the Loverband !!
Works everytime ……

Jorge – FL

The loverband is the best product on the market I have tried.

Daniel – CA

I get an erection every where except the head, now I can get my penis head really full.

Jeff – FL

Holds up very well and have reached an increase on my girth.

William – NC

When I use a condom I loose my erection faster than when I don’t use it and have particularly enjoyed the new fullness with the Loverband when using a condom.


From your site I am now well informed about venous leakage and did not know I have this condition. The Loverband has improved my sex life considerably.

Roland – DC

I used to press my penis during intercourse in order to keep it hard but was very inconvenient, with this band I can reach a consistent erection free of using my hands.

Leo – NY