The Lover Band

The Loverband® Device - How to Use Tips

Moisten with personal liquid lubricant as needed to avoid discomfort with pubic hair.

Adjust avoiding excessive pressure and penile rigidity.

Stimulate the penis manually as needed to reach and hold optimal rigidity.

Release by pulling it way from the penis or by stretching it loose.

Use during intercourse or as self-therapy for erection improvement.

Clean by washing with soap and water.

For best and consistent results, replace The Loverband® device when the tension in the band has
decreased after several months of use.

For maximum pleasure and optimal results use ASTROGLIDE® Personal Gel or Personal Liquid Lubricant.

Warming Personal Jelly and Warming Personal Liquid lubricant can be effective in relaxing penile muscle
tissue improving erection blood flow and performance.

The Loverband® device pressure mark on the penis skin will clear within 30 minutes after each use.