The Lover Band


Is enjoyed in all sexual positions. The method of use and material properties allow it to comfortably stay in place, provides constant pressure without sliding and without interfering with intercourse during penetration. It is made durable for continued use, enjoyment and cost effectiveness.

For best and consistent results, replace The Loverband® device when the tension in the band has decreased after several months of use.


Helps achieve fuller enlarged erections by safely preventing blood from leaving the penis too rapidly. It is therapeutic to improve erection size and quality.

Results are immediate with permanent improvement over time.


Can be easily stretched for adjustment to reach and hold an ideal moderate pressure with comfort and effectiveness. It is sold in one size only and stretches to fit all males.

Effective Aid

Aids the closure of dorsal veins during erection, helps in reaching and retaining an ideal penile pressure and enhances the rigidity and fullness of erections with improved blood flow and oxygenation to the penile tissue.

The Loverband® device pressure partially and temporarily reduces sensitivity of the dorsal nerves and delays ejaculatory latency time without affecting the sensation of ejaculation.

It is effective to use with Vacuum Erectile Therapy devices.


Allows the male genitalia to be free from being constricted and applies sufficient pressure as required where it is effectively needed.

It is soft, comfortable and easy to wear.


Does not press against the urethra which is along the bottom of the penis and where urine and semen flow, thus, it avoids harm and allows for unobstructed ejaculation. Penile arteries are not constricted and blood circulation of the penis is not adversely affected.

Conforms with FDA recommendations as a least constrictive device "Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff Class II Special Controls Guidance Document: External Penile Rigidity Devices" December 28, 2004.

It is used externally and avoids the risk of surgery, medication side effects and health consequences. Maximizes confidence and sexual pleasure by enhancing erections with improved fullness, rigidity and duration. Design includes softness, optimum tension for effectiveness, comfort of use and pressure adjustment. The Loverband ® device is available in colors Beige, Black & Red.