The Lover Band

Arterial blood inflow is associated with the integrity of the penile arteries, testosterone levels and the release of Nitric Oxide (NO) to relax blood vessels and penile smooth muscle tissue allowing blood to flow in. Nitric Oxide is first released upon arousal by nerve cells at the penis nerve endings near blood vessels and is sustained through continuous release by the endothelial arterial wall cells.

With venous leakage, incomplete veno-occlusions lead to low erection pressures and inadequate release of sustaining Nitric Oxide.

The Loverband® device improves the release of Nitric Oxide at the arterial wall cells from the flow of blood under increased pressure.

Prescription drugs are often the first and only course of treatment tried for all variations of erectile dysfunction. Medication enhances the effects of Nitric Oxide by inhibiting the enzymes which block the release of Nitric Oxide but does not treat occlusion of venous outflow entirely. Cavernosal pressures are improved but may not be ideal or at full capacity and penis glans insufficiency (glans or penis head is not completely full when erect) may still persist.

In addition to drug treatment, other approaches for the treatment of ED include hormone therapy and surgery. Drug treatment and surgery are expensive and involve a certain degree of risk and health consequences.

Veno-Occlusive Dysfunction (VOD), venous leak or erection leak is present in most ED cases and is detrimental to penis health. VOD causes a chronic reduction in blood flow and deficient cavernosal pressures. Limited blood flow and oxygenation to the penis tissue cells can lead to fibrous scar tissue, a condition called corporal fibrosis which is untreatable at the present time.

"The pressure of flowing blood against the arterial walls activates the release of Nitric Oxide, maintaining this process during erection."

The Building Blocks of Erection: Nitric Oxide . . . and More Nitric Oxide